The Amazing Example of Asma Khalifa

Asma Khalifa is a young woman from Libya — a Berber. She is also a human-rights activist and democracy leader. She is one of Jay’s favorite people. He says he considers her a heroine. Jay recorded this “Q&A” with her in Mexico City, where she was participating in a meeting of the Oslo Freedom Forum. During the Libyan Civil War, she sided with the rebels, against Qaddafi. She volunteered to be a field nurse. She saw terrible things, atrocities. She did not like the hatred that was filling her heart. That was not her, she reasoned. So she did something extraordinary. She requested to treat enemy forces, Qaddafi’s men, for a while. She has an amazing experience to relate. Also in this podcast, Asma Khalifa talks about Syria and other vital matters.

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  1. Zafar Member

    Amazing. What a wonderful interview. 

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    • February 26, 2019, at 7:09 AM PST
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  2. Scott Donohue Member

    Hi Jay,

    What an amazing and wonderful young lady. Thank you so much for the interview highlighting her and the work that she is doing. Yes, she is definitively a heroine. With people like her, there is always hope for good.

    • #2
    • February 27, 2019, at 8:42 PM PST
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