David Landon Cole is a doctoral candidate in political science at the University of York. He was also the captain of York’s team in “University Challenge,” the British quiz show – which has its origins in America’s “College Bowl.” “University Challenge” is Jay’s favorite television show, and he treats Mr. Cole as the celebrity and phenomenon he is, in the Old Country.

They talk about the show, of course. And about life in Britain. And about learning, and the love of it. And about other things. Tune in for a most unusual, interesting, and genial guest.

And to check out Mr. Cole and his York mates in action, go here, for example – or here or here.

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  1. JimGoneWild Coolidge

    Jay, Interesting and fun interview. Thanks.

    • #1
    • April 28, 2016, at 2:26 PM PDT
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  2. WhittyMike Member


    Thanks for another enjoyable Q&A podcast.

    As a former Jeopardy! contestant, I particularly enjoyed this one.☺

    Mike Whitty
    (we met once in Chicago at a NR reception at the top of the Hancock Tower)

    • #2
    • April 29, 2016, at 7:31 PM PDT
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  3. Sleepywhiner Inactive

    Jay – they’re called Trivia Nights and they occur in bars all across America. You really do need to get out more.

    • #3
    • April 30, 2016, at 6:42 AM PDT
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