This week, Jay has been at the Oslo Freedom Forum, the annual human-rights gathering in the Norwegian capital. Its founder is Thor Halvorssen, who also started the Human Rights Foundation, which is based in New York.

And he is Jay’s guest on this “Q&A.”

They talk about dictatorship and democracy. At the end, they talk about one dictatorship in particular – that in Mr. Halvorssen’s home country, Venezuela.

As Jay explains in the podcast, Thor Halvorssen talks like an American, has a Norwegian name, and IS Venezuelan.

So, there you go. Amazing guy.


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  1. DHMorgan Coolidge

    Thanks Mr. Halvorssen for your insights. I listened twice to better absorb what was said.

    As for government officials who carry heft in foreign policy: Are any of your listening? It doesn’t seem so. Maybe the problem is with the “short term thinking” described by Mr. Halvorssen.

    I’ll need to dig through more of his writings to see what other wisdom I have missed.

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    • May 26, 2017, at 3:37 PM PDT
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