One of Jay’s favorite conductors – and favorite conductor-interviewees – is Manfred Honeck, the Austrian who leads the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. He played in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra for some years. His brother Rainer is still there: as a concertmaster. Jay had a conversation with Maestro Honeck – Manfred Honeck – at the Salzburg Festival last week. They discussed music and his life. Honeck grew up in a family of nine children; their mother died when he was seven. There was very, very little money in the house – but the father loved music, and insisted his children play. Which they did. Manfred Honeck can not only play, and conduct, he can also dance. At some point in this conversation, he gets up and demonstrates a dance in Schubert. An exceptional individual, Maestro Manfred Honeck.

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    Interesting interview so far but I just can’t get it loud enough to continue. Too bad.

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    • August 29, 2019, at 7:21 AM PDT