We interview Allie Stuckey, The Conservative Millennial and host of the Relatable Podcast on BlazeTV. Stuckey discusses the spread of socialist ideology, her experiences on BlazeTV, the importance of mentors and how to balance a career with motherhood.


We also break down:


  • Wendy Ullman, a Pennsylvania State Legislative Representative, calls early miscarriages and abortions “a mess on a napkin.”
  • John Legend rewrites “Baby It’s Cold Outside” to be more #MeToo appropriate.
  • HHS proposed a new rule that will reverse Obama Administration rulings that barred faith-based adoption and foster care agencies from receiving grants.
  • And we crown Dr. Michelle Cretella as our Problematic Woman of the Week. She is a pediatrician and executive director of the American College of Pediatricians. Her Daily Signal video on transgender issues and children was removed from YouTube. Why? Because her views against surgeries to alter children’s bodies “violated free speech policy.” Watch the video YouTube removed here.


Enjoy the show!

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