John Yoo assumes the host chair for this week’s episode, and despite declaring this week to be a Ukraine-Free Zone, Lucretia still manages to get in a sequel to some of last week’s discussion threads. But the main event for the first third of this episode is reviewing the dreadful events in Memphis last week, though John has to go a stretch to reach the  Dylanesque heights of “Memphis Blues Again”:

Now the bricks lay on Grand Street
Where the neon madmen climb
They all fall there so perfectly
It all seems so well timed

From there we take up the proposition that Kevin McCarthy and the House Republicans actually look to be having a good start with their narrow majority.  And is the woke fever finally starting to break? We take inventory of a few signs and portents.

Nikki Haley? Stay tuned. Steve thinks the real drama of 2024 is more likely to happen on the Democratic side, as the decrepitude of Biden and obvious incapacity of Harris present Democrats with a real problem.

For scheduling reasons we had to record this episode a little earlier than usual this week, so we missed the breaking story about the Chinese “weather” balloon, but we make up for it with the appropriate exit music at the end.

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  1. Richard Easton Coolidge
    Richard Easton

    Kamala imitator

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  2. Albert Arthur Coolidge
    Albert Arthur

    Re: Steve’s mischievous statement that the Babylon Bee reports the news ahead of time, consider this:

    The Babylon Bee from April 2021:

    A new study found that anyone still wearing a mask at this point is probably just super ugly.

    The study looked at thousands of Americans still wearing masks and thousands who have long since thrown away all their masks. The findings were conclusive: the vast majority of people who still choose to wear a mask everywhere they go were much uglier than those who are currently blessing the world by letting everyone see their beautiful faces.

    An actual study from last week:

    Our results consistently demonstrated that self-perceived unattractive individuals were more willing to wear a mask, as they believed it would benefit their attractiveness. 

    Lucretia, of course, disdains masks, for obvious reasons.

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  3. WilliamWarford Coolidge

    I did think of one Berkeley grad who became a police officer: Adrian Monk.

    As for Lucretia’s dinner, poor Buzz was the Second Man again. 

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  4. SteveSc Member


    The Chris Rufo video they were talking about.

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  5. WilliamWarford Coolidge

    SteveSc (View Comment):


    The Chris Rufo video they were talking about.

    That was great. Thanks for posting!

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  6. Boethius1261972 Inactive

    I have long thought police need to get back to physically walking the streets instead of just sitting in their cars staring at their monitors or phones.  It’s hard to have respect for the typically overweight officers we have in my locale when we hardly ever see them in our neighborhood and when we do, they’re on their way to who knows where.  Of course they like to get together en masse to serve warrants up the street from time to time in the pre-dawn hours when no one respectable can see them, but maybe if they were out walking they would see the deviants renting out rooms in the allegedly single-family houses in our city, or the pop-up autoshops for that matter.  Sorry, but local government is just as bad, if not worse, than state and federal.

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  7. Boethius1261972 Inactive

    John’s “it’s just politics” McConnell analysis only works if the caucus actually does what the leader wants, and if the leader actually wants them to do things that benefit the party, right?

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  8. Al Sparks Coolidge
    Al Sparks

    I often agree with Lucretia on substance, but not her rants.

    Was the United States really an absolute tyranny during Covid?  No.

    Was the United States like Orwell’s 1984 during the pandemic?  I don’t remember residences requiring cameras monitored by the government during the pandemic.  And while many people lost jobs, for not taking the vaccine, no one was dragged to a center, tied down, and forced to take the vaccine.  That’s my definition of an absolute tyranny.

    What all three hosts have in common is they’re academics, faculty members of their respective colleges, though Steve roams a bit.  When Lucretia acts thoughtful that’s when I enjoy her the most.  Then she ruins it with her rants.

    Too bad.

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