We’re a day late because of travel problems, and Steve is working on a backup computer because he left his laptop behind at his office on Friday, but this allowed us finally to book historian Richard Samuelson to join the happy hour to talk about . . . history. Specifically, what the hell has happened to history? It’s not just that the academic field has gone left like everything else; it has become narrow, mediocre, and . . . boring. Richard breaks it all down for us, with some cheers and side rants from Steve and Lucretia.

From there we do a deep dive into the Arizona election audit, and kick around the two big stories of the end of the week: the revelation, in the New York Times of all unexpected places, that the FBI had an informant inside the Proud Boys on January 6, and the revelation that the Biden Administration admitted 12,000 Haitians from under the Del Rio Bridge scene. It is extremely unlikely than any of this number were properly processed.

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  1. Richard Easton Coolidge
    Richard Easton

    My wife worked for Illinois GOP in 2006 investigating voting fraud. She found plenty of it. She gave her boss a list of the precincts she would visit on primary day. All was well until the head of the Chicago GOP found out about it. He told her boss that, “We have an agreement with the Democrats.” Thus, the toothless Chicago GOP got some goodies if they didn’t pry into Democrat Chicago shenanigans. The dirty little secret is that some GOP people participate and profit from D voter fraud. That appears to have been the case in Georgia last year.

    There was a big blow up in 2006 about the voting machines in Chicago. Venezuelan technicians were working on them. A Democratic alderman, Ed Burke, got them removed before the general election. In many ways, the 2006 primary was a precursor of the 2020 general election.

    It was a good podcast in spite of there being no mentions of Burke. One of your 12.5 listeners profited from it. 

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