The estimable New York Post reports on a clear example of “expert” junk science that purports to prove that “men should limit alcohol to just one drink per day.” This is clearly the first step to full communism, plus an obvious ham-handed attempt to shut down our brand new Three Whisky Happy hour. Lucretia and I counter with the supreme wisdom of Lady Thatcher, who once wrote a friend, “Scotch is one British institution which will never let you down.” (In other words, just like Rick Astley.)

Anyway, “Lucretia” (Power Line’s International Woman of Mystery) and I are not deterred by this fake news and used it as an excuse to run long with this episode and refill our glasses often with a flight of Highland and Japanese malts, pondering whether keeping our public schools locked down this fall might actually backfire on the left; the broader significance of the drive to reverse a previous diversity-promotion tactic—blind auditions for symphony orchestras—because they aren’t producing the “right kind” of diversity; and a lightning round where we beat up on the Lincoln Project, whether violent protestors should be sent to Gitmo, and why the media is ignoring the epidemic of suspicious church fires in Europe.

We also take note of “toxic masculinity whisky,” which we recommend pairing with your Black Rifle Coffee. And remember always to drink your whisky neat while you’re milking the soft power dividend.

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  1. Richard Easton Coolidge
    Richard Easton

    Are you going to discuss Chick-fil-A chairman Dan Cathy. Usually, it takes two generations to go from genius to idiocy. He did it in one.

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  2. TEC Coolidge

    Another clue about Lucretia.  She is from my hometown in Iowa.

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