Once again the three-host Three Whisky Happy Hour didn’t get around to any whisky reviews, distracted once again by important breaking fast-food news. But the main first topic of this back-to-school special edition is the role education is playing in this election cycle. On the K-12 level, the same dynamic that propelled Glenn Youngkin to victory in Virginia last year seems to have legs, with conservatives sweeping school board elections in Florida this week. And on the college level, we run out of ways to denounced Biden’s decision to forgive student loan debt, though John Yoo wonders whether worthy legal challenges may founder because of standing problems.

From there we get into the case of Christopher Nadon, professor of politics at Claremont McKenna College, who made waves in the Wall Street Journal this week with news of the latest descent into East German-style ideological bullying and censorship. This story has several more chapters to go.

Although we recorded before the affidavit for the Mar-a-Lago raid was released, it appears we were correct in our  predictions here that the affidavit would be heavily redacted such that we didn’t really learn anything new.

Our exit music this week—”Iowa Stubborn”—is a reminder that Lucretia is originally from Iowa, and this tune fits her rather well. And also explains her itinerary this weekend, which we’ll recap next week, along with—I promise—some fresh whisky ratings.

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  1. Richard Easton Coolidge
    Richard Easton

    Thanks for another excellent podcast.

    The McDonald’s jingle in the early 60s was, “Only 47 cents for a three course meal.” Yes, I’m dating myself. 

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  2. Leslie Watkins Member
    Leslie Watkins

    Richard Easton (View Comment):

    Thanks for another excellent podcast.



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  3. LibertyDefender Member

    Lucretia shopped for back-to-school supplies (and clothes?) at Kresge’s!  For listeners under the age of 60, . . . 

    Calvinball – it is in fact the order of the day in organized sports.  Rules are constantly being changed. The latest is MLBaseball, which has decreed that every relief pitcher must face a minimum of three batters, and that a “ghost runner” is placed on second base at the start of every inning past the 9th inning.  In 1998, volleyball eliminated the side out.  The NFL has defined out of existence the concept of a catch.

    The discussion on standing rankles, and dovetails with my longstanding gripe that Chief Justice Roberts committed a constitutionally impermissible act when he declared the ObamaCare penalty to be a tax – it couldn’t be a tax, because the ObamaCare law originated in the Senate, and the Constitution requires that all bills raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.  More than one esteemed legal scholar has told me that the Supreme Court will never even consider correcting their error, because they will regard it as a “political question,” despite the fact that it was created entirely by the judiciary.  <— This (esteemed legal scholarly explanation) is the sort of nonsense that gives sophistry a bad name.  I might suggext to John Yoo  that he invite his Law Talk partner Richard Epstein  to join the 3WHH podcast to discuss the matter, but there is risk of excessive Epsteinian intricate labyrinthian convolutionism in his discussion.

    Given that we have judicial review (which I don’t necessarily endorse, but that’s a different kettle of fish), there ought to be a simple, automatic method for anyone – in this case, Congress – to bring to the Supreme Court a blatant violation of the Constitution and have it stricken – or at least enjoined.  It’s not a perfect solution: Roscoe Filburn’s widow did just that – neither simply nor automatically, mind you – but was told by a unanimous Supreme Court that Congress shall have the power to regulate absolutely anything as a practical matter, despite what the Constitution says.  Not a single commercial transaction necessary to be considered interstate commerce.  Grrrrr (augmented by an 80 year echo). . . .

    Steve, Steve, Steve – what kind of a pretentious intellectual is pro-Chevrolets?  At least they ended that insane practice of having different keys for the doors and for the ignition.

    Richard Easton (View Comment):

    Thanks for another excellent podcast.

    The McDonald’s jingle in the early 60s was, “Only 47 cents for a three course meal.” Yes, I’m dating myself.

    My memory dates to the late 60s/early 70s, when the McDonald’s jingle ended with “. . . , and change back from your dollar!”

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  4. RufusRJones Member

    The Obamacare thing makes me ill from start to finish. ***It’s obviously a scam to force single payer.*** Medicaid has grown like crazy since then. Passed with a parliamentary trick. Bad jurisprudence. The GOP had two freaking years to wipe it out when they had control and NOTHING. All of these people make me sick. 

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