Steve Hayward and his pseudonymous mystery guest “Lucretia” return for the second half of their conversation about the meaning and interpretation of the 14th Amendment. Building on last week’s analysis of the “equal protection clause,” this episode goes on to the other three important clauses in Section 1—the “citizenship clause,” the “privileges and immunities clause,” and the “due process clause.” Steve and “Lucretia” devote special attention to the controversy over “birthright citizenship,” which is freshly back in the news right now.

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    Even though I am behind in listening to this podcast, I just wanted to say I enjoyed it so. Yes, more Lucretia! Also, as an aside, who wouldn’t want to have teachers like these two exploring the law rather than looking at it through racial, sexual, whatever blinders. I feel sorry for current students who can not learn from a great teacher because the teacher believes (probably rightly) that they cannot explore certain topics or ideas. 

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    • July 27, 2018 at 8:06 am
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