The whole Power Line crew assembled to discuss the issues of the day—specifically, the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, the crazed liberal responses thereto, and the attack’s public policy implications with respect to, most notably, immigration. And also, of course, the incident’s potential impact on the 2016 presidential race.

The remainder of the show was devoted to campus craziness in its various manifestations—hoax “hate crimes,” absurd demands by identity groups, craven administrators, ticked-off alumni, and so on.

It is a fast-paced and hard-hittting hour of commentary. You won’t want to miss it.

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  1. San Joaquin Sam Inactive
    San Joaquin Sam

    Steve stated to the affect “San Bernardino is such an unlikely place for an event like this to happen.”  San Bernardino is exactly the kind of place for this to happen; it’s a multicultural hell-hole, check the demographics.  Sure it’s not a national or international landmark such as New York, Boston, London, Paris, or Madrid, but it’s just the kind of place to not be noticed until you start the killing.

    The people of Cambridge were upset when it was alleged the Boston Bomb Bothers could spout off without challenge their anti-Americanism due to the proximity of Harvard and it’s anti-Americanism.  Well, San Bernardino and much of the Inland Empire is hardly American in the traditional sense.  Due to it’s cheap housing prices the region is full of first and second generation immigrants from all corners of the globe with some multi-generational landowners (farmers, ranchers, dairy owners, etc.) and longtime hangers-on mixed in.  It’s a perfect place to be invisible.

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  2. Grendel Member

    Crushing ISIL in Syria and Iraq would be important, if not final. The whole point of the Islamic state is that it is a state, it holds territory, it is the new or restored Caliphate. Destroying its territorial claims would be a great blow to its moral claims and stature, even though it wouldn’t take care of all the splinter groups around the world, such as in Libya and Nigeria.

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  3. Nick Stuart Inactive
    Nick Stuart

    There’s been a lively debate about banning people on the “no fly list” and/or the “terror watch list” from purchasing firearms.

    People from Teddy Kennedy to Stephen Hayes have ended up on the no fly list.

    You get on by star chamber bureaucrat fiat. You don’t even know you’re on until you try to fly. There’s no coherent process for getting yourself off of it.

    Reminder:  Owning a firearm is a constitutional right. Some kind of due process should be required before one can be stripped of it, not just some bureaucrat’s say so. Recall the never-resolved IRS scandal? Do you really want to give unelected faceless bureaucrats this power?

    Where would it stop? Anyone a bureaucrat thinks is guilty of hate speech? Missed child support payments? Failure to get your kid vaccinated? Anyone who cut in front of line of a bureaucrat at the store?

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  4. Mike Silver Inactive
    Mike Silver

    You accurately predicted Trump’s comments about barring all Muslims from entering the country. Two out of three of you thought it was a good idea, with the condition that it apply to countries that practice Sharia Law. But don’t all Muslim countries live under Sharia? I can’t yet  say if it worked in Iowa, but I doubt it. What it did was take some of the focus off San Bernardino and give Hillary an opportunity to paint all Republicans as islamaphobic, etc. Every Republican has run away from him. He could have argued for a moratorium on all immigration, or tailored it to Syrian refugees, but he didn’t. Still think it was a good idea?

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