Ricochet Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel and KTAR-FM’s Jim Sharpe welcome comedian and commentator Stephen Kruiser to discuss superdelegates, frat humor, IRS layoffs, and, of course, Mexican food. Articles discussed:

Be sure to buy several copies of Kruiser’s latest book, Don’t Let The Hippies Shower!

Music is “Step On” by Happy Mondays. The Photoshop is Jon’s fault.

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There are 9 comments.

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  1. Johnnie Alum 13 Inactive
    Johnnie Alum 13

    The best Mexican food is at Sadies on 4th Street in Albuquerque, NM.

    • #1
  2. Andy Blanco Inactive
    Andy Blanco

    I’m really enjoying this new podcast guys, thanks.

    • #2
  3. Austin Murrey Inactive
    Austin Murrey

    I always smile when I hear people trying to tweak Texans over Tex-Mex.

    Arizonans are just so cute!

    • #3
  4. ToryWarWriter Reagan

    This is outrageous!

    The nerve of Ricochet to allow such disgusting talk on a podcast!  It was a total hot tabasco sauce!

    No seriously I am going through Tracked and Targeted withdrawal.  Cant we find a substitute for Katz? Schlicther, Kruiser and Epstein!

    • #4
  5. EmilyAnn Inactive

    Yes! Also having Tracked and Targeted withdrawal! Bringing it back would be the hottest of the tabasco sauces.

    • #5
  6. Chris Campion Coolidge
    Chris Campion

    This is a bit late to the game, but weren’t there thousands of IRS employees hired to help with the Obamacare impacts?  And now there’s a cut of employees, significantly less than the total number hired for BarryCare ™, and we’re supposed to feel bad about it?

    Let me be the first to say that I’m guessing zero federal employees shed a tear when a corporation lays people off.  Unless they’re married to one of them.

    • #6
  7. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    For your criminal with repeat “customers” in Auburn, NY, at least he may find it convenient that the town is built around a very large penitentiary.


    But, across from the back wall of the penitentiary is Balloon’s, a quaint neighborhood bar and restaurant that looks straight out of the 1940’s , but serves delicious, up-to-date steakhouse fare.

    • #7
  8. Mister Dog Coolidge
    Mister Dog

    Jon, I knew you were a bubblehead but hadn’t heard you say before what boat you were on. Were you on San Francisco when they hit the seamount?

    • #8
  9. Whoamusanyway Inactive

    Hope I’m not the only foo who misses this podcast quite seriously. Despite this long undeserved radio silence, us types are alive … ALIVE i tell u!

    • #9
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