Jim Geraghty

The King of Stuff welcomes Jim Geraghty, senior political correspondent for National Review, host of the “Three Martini Lunch” podcast, and author of the new thriller Hunting Four Horsemen. Jon and Jim chat about the death of polling, the success of down-ticket Republicans, and writing fiction.

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  1. Hang On Member
    Hang On

    Bitdefender blocks this.

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  2. DonG (Biden is compromised) Coolidge
    DonG (Biden is compromised)

    Ricochet Audio Network: Jon and Jim chat about the death of polling

    Are you saying Jim has done a 180 on polling? He was a total fanboy before the election of the Biden +17 polls. 

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  3. DonG (Biden is compromised) Coolidge
    DonG (Biden is compromised)

    OK, 20 minutes in and Jim has once again beclowned himself with TDS. He either ignorant or lying about election issues in 2020. Probably a mix of both. His “handful of fraudulent ballots” straw man is straight from MSNBC propaganda. 

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  4. Bishop Wash Member
    Bishop Wash

    I haven’t listened to Rush (Limbaugh, this is Jon’s podcast) in maybe a decade so it’s old news. He has been saying for years that polls aren’t meant to reflect public sentiment but to shape it. Jim can’t cite one poll that showed Collins was even close in Maine and she won. The media is the enemy and is actively working against us. We shouldn’t be paying any attention to the Georgia numbers and pollsters should be denied credibility.

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  5. Gary Robbins Reagan
    Gary Robbins

    A great podcast. I have ordered Jim’s book.

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