Arizona’s Abacus and the Hero’s Journey to 2024

The king flies solo this week, answering the big question: Does anyone in Arizona own a calculator? After reviewing the chaotic election in his home state, Jon responds to Trump’s presidential campaign announcement and how 2024 will play out for the GOP.

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  1. Boethius1261972 Inactive

    Rob Long told me there is no rule that ballots have to be counted the next day so I think we should stop complaining about Arizona.  Rob thinks this is one of the things that makes American democracy great!  And why didn’t the current super awesome Republican governor do anything about this when he had the chance?

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  2. Boethius1261972 Inactive

    I trust Roger Kimball more than Jon.  Sorry.

    “Ninety-three percent of the hundreds of candidates Trump endorsed won their primary contest in the 2022 election. Eighty percent won in the general. That is a far higher percentage of wins for Trump-endorsed candidates than ever before. In 2018, for example, only 59 percent of the candidates he endorsed won in the general. “

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  3. Jon Gabriel, Ed. Contributor
    Jon Gabriel, Ed.

    Boethius1261972 (View Comment):
    And why didn’t the current super awesome Republican governor do anything about this when he had the chance?

    The legislature wouldn’t agree on any reform-law package so he had nothing to sign. He did pass the nation’s lowest flat-tax and universal school choice, thankfully.

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  4. Quickz Member

    Remembering the Tea Party days, I sure recall that McCain and others would run for offices, badmouth the Tea Party – I believe that Sen. McCain called them terrorists and wacko-birds at the time – and then when they won the primary, it was expected that the Tea Party groups and candidates would support the Republican. Which we did at every step of the way. We all knew that a Republican in the office was always better than a Democrat – even when they were the “establishment” or ran on “building the dang fence,” and then pivoted away from what they ran on. We Tea Partiers still voted for them.

    I find it frustrating that when the tables are turned, and the new blood comes in they are not supported and worse, they purposefully elect a Democrat. McCain voted on SCOTUS appointments, legislation (yeah except O-Care repeal, but still..), and procedurally for the Republicans’ efforts in the Senate. Now Lake cannot do that at the state level. That seems really petty, considering how the Tea Party had to hold our noses and support them, and they won’t support us.

    I get that McCain attacked Trump, and Trump responded in kind – but when McCain tanked legislation over a petty tit-for-tat name calling, that was a bridge too far. Trump never made an executive order or otherwise veto legislation to spite McCain. I just don’t get it. I thought above all it was moving the needle towards freedom and what is right.

    On a lighter note, haha, “Le Week” had me giggling in my car today whilst on the freeway. Nice.

    Finally, I’m glad you brought up the Hero’s Quest/Joseph Campbell thing. If you look at Star Wars for example, Movie one ends with the destruction of the Death Star, the second is dark with the Rebels being put on their back foot, and the Third is the Triumphant return of the King (so to speak) who ends the Evil Empire.

    If you want to project Trump stuff onto this then you would view the first movie as his beating of Clinton, and the second as his losing to a Fortified Election – it begs for the third installment, the triumphant return of the injured and wronged rightful king. Now Trump is no king, but President of the US definitely qualifies for a metaphoric substitute.

    This video from Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin) in his Lotus Eaters video speaks to this mythic story arc, and how many see him deserving redemption:

    I am not supporting anyone myself right now, the primary is too far off – but I’m watching…

    Thanks again

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