As the mayors of New York, DC, and Chicago are just beginning to learn, Biden’s open-borders agenda is putting Americans across this country at risk every day; turning every town into a border town.


The ongoing catastrophe at the border is far from being contained, and without strong, well-defined borders no nation can exist.


With 30 years of bipartisan experience, Rodney Scott shares insight on how Biden’s radical open-borders agenda is fueling our national opioid epidemic, putting more money in the hands of cartels and human traffickers, opening the border to terrorists and national security threats, and preventing ICE from deporting most of those here illegally — even convicted violent criminals and gang members.


Rodney Scott, a three-decade veteran and 24th Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol joins today’s episode of The Kevin Roberts Show. Serving as Border Patrol Chief under both the Trump and Biden administrations, Scott has keen insights on what policies succeed and fail at the southern border. Rodney is currently a Senior Distinguished Fellow for Border Security at the Texas Public Policy Foundation and has spent his career tirelessly fighting cartels and traffickers, and learning best practices for keeping our southern border secure.


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