Have you ever wondered how and why Big Labor became such a driving force in American politics, and how it’s come to be associated with the American left and the Democrat party? Many may be surprised to learn that in the Trump-era – for lack of a better expression — some conservatives have begun embracing labor unions, and unions have, in return, begun openly donating to Republican politicians. But when one learns the history of the public and private labor union sector in this country, it’s immediately apparent that Big Labor has always been all over the map ideologically, and that political twists and turns are actually the norm rather than the exception. I’ll be interviewing the regular host of this podcast today, who also happens to be our labor expert here at CRC, Michael Watson, on a five-part history of Big Labor he recently published at our website. Sitting third chair today is CRC Special Projects researcher Robert Stilson, who will have a few questions of his own.


Big Labor’s Decline and Left Turn: A New Power Rises

The Turn at the Millennium: Why Big Labor Switched Sides on Immigration

Democracy Alliance (DA)

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