Wind power sounds lovely; supposedly free, indeed infinite “renewable” clean energy from the predictable patterns of moving air. Except it isn’t quite so simple. Turbines catch fire with disquieting frequency. The amount of land needed to produce electricity is quite high. And there’s a political protection racket keeping even clean-generating rivals out of the market and wind generators on the government dole. Here to explain is our colleague Ken Braun, who follows the energy and environmental issues for Capital Research Center.


Italian Energy Giant Invades America: The Cheapest Way to Make Expensive Electricity

Wind Turbines Produce Drama, Cash, and Some Electricity: Big Trouble at Biglow Canyon

Wind Turbines Produce Drama, Cash, and Some Electricity: Support for Anti-Nuclear Nonprofits

Opposition to Nuclear Energy

Climate Alarmists Hoover Up Corporate Welfare: The Rocky Mountain Institute

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