Can it be? After over 19 years of war against the Taliban in Afghanistan, the US and the Taliban are ready for peace? That’s what the recent agreement says. But it will be a long difficult road to travel before this happens. This week, we talk with Heritage Foundation expert Luke Coffee about what the deal entails, and whether or not we can count on The Taliban to hold up their end of the agreement. Hint: the term “healthy skepticism” is used more than once.

Show Notes:

US, Taliban Sign Peace Deal for Afghanistan – Coffee’s new piece detailing the peace agreement.

FDD – Mapping Taliban Control in Afghanistan – Coffee made reference to this map that documents what areas of Afghanistan are controlled by the Taliban, the Afghanistan Government, and the areas currently contested.

Coffee’s Omega watch made specially for the Afghanistan Air Force in 1966. This was used as an example of the commerce that once existed in Afghanistan.

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