Many on the left claim that “Medicare for All” will save you money. They say that healthcare will be better and more affordable. Not true. According to a new Heritage Foundation study, not only would private insurance be outlawed and everyone forced to use government healthcare, but a family of 4 earning the median income would pay $9,000 a year to pay for Medicare For All. That’s about equal to what they spend on food every year. This week, Tommy Binion breaks down the report, and pushes back against the left’s narrative that the middle class would save money under “Medicare for All.” 

Show notes:

How Medicare For All Harms Working Americans

Medicare For All Would Make Most Families Poorer (Charts and Infographics)

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    Elizabeth Warren and her fake Cherokee math.

    cost benefit analysis? these are gop talking points.


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    • November 21, 2019, at 10:37 PM PST
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