From building the border wall to rescinding the unconstitutional DACA program to stopping illegal immigrant caravans from Central America, the Trump Administration has made a dizzying number of border security and immigration changes. Border security and immigration are regularly among the top issues that Americans care about because they affect so many aspects of our lives – the economy, crime, public health, education, culture, and more.

The meaningful progress of the Trump Administration is opposed by the radical left who seek to undo these changes and impose an open borders immigration policy, along with amnesty for millions of illegal aliens already in the United States. The Trump Administration made these changes in the face of stiff and coordinated opposition via lawsuits and judicial activism, congressional inaction, and state and local sanctuary jurisdictions. This opposition has real consequences, including heartbreaking drug overdoses and violent gang activity in the United States from the deadly drugs and MS-13 gang members crossing our border. In 2020, COVID-19 further complicated America’s border and immigration issues, leading to travel restrictions, employment visa and foreign student policy changes to protect public health and prioritize Americans getting back to work. America will continue to experience dynamic immigration issues when countries recover from COVID-19 and have to address their struggling economies.

Join our virtual event for an important and lively conversation about the accomplishments of the Trump Administration on border security and immigration.


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