Defense supply chains—the complex networks of firms which design, build, and maintain defense items—are critical to U.S. national security. Sadly, these supply chains are under threat. Some defense programs depend on Chinese suppliers for key items, while others rely on small American suppliers struggling to stay in business. There is a bipartisan consensus that these threats must be confronted, but no conclusion on how to do it.

On May 7, hear about this critical issue from three different perspectives. Representative Mike Gallagher co-chairs the House of Representatives’ new task force on strengthening defense supply chains, Rick Giannini is President of Milwaukee Valve Company and chairman of the Aircraft Carrier Industrial Base Coalition, and Maiya Clark is a Research Associate at The Heritage Foundation specializing in the defense industrial base.

This dialogue between Congress, industry, and the policy world aims to shed new light on the issue of defense supply chains—and begin to chart a path forward.


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