As the world watched Afghanistan fall to the Taliban in a matter of weeks, one point was clear: the lives of Afghan women and girls would forever be changed.

Over the last twenty years, women and girls made tremendous gains by going to school, holding political office, and entering the working world. Hard-won freedoms became a part of everyday life, and Afghan women were actively enjoying them.

With the Taliban back in power, many of these gains will likely be lost. So, what can be done now to safeguard the rights of Afghan women and girls? Join us as a distinguished panel of experts tackles the scale of the problem and realistic actions that the United States and the international community can take to mitigate the damage.


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  1. Manny Member

    An interesting point that was brought up that never occurred to me was that as woman’s rights are voided, the more the inspiration the jihadis get.  And the more woman’s rights are strengthened, the more the jihadis energies are dissipated.  Intuitively it seems that the converse might be true.  The more women’s rights are strengthened, the more the jihadis have a reason to fight and for terrorism.  I don’t know which way the data supports.

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