All eyes have been on our schools, but the ideology of wokeness has equally infected our churches. Theologian Owen Strachan will discuss how pastors preaching about white supremacy and collective guilt are undermining the unifying message of Christianity. He will make clear that not only is Critical Race Theory not the Gospel, it is anti-Gospel: it divides us from others, it foments pride, bitterness, and hatred, and perhaps most importantly of all, it reworks the nature of sin to make it structural instead of personal. This reworks the “good news” of Christianity, no small thing. But Strachan’s message is ultimately one of hope: by his grace, Christ calls Christians to be salt and light. Strachan will offer concrete guidance on the role we all can play in fighting injustice while at the same time rejecting woke utopianism in our churches, and in broader institutions as well.

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