“The left is weak. It may not feel like that when you’re being censored on Facebook… but those actions actually evince weakness. When you have to censor people, it means they’re afraid,” says Seb Gorka, host of “America First” on the Salem Radio Network and the author of “The War for America’s Soul.”

“We have a republic to save. And guess what? With you, we can do it.”

Gorka joins the Daily Signal podcast to discuss how the radical left is trying to destroy the country, and how conservatives can effectively fight back.

We are also joined by Morgan Zegers, founder and CEO of Young Americans Against Socialism. She discuss why socialism is so popular amongst young people, and what can be done to push back against its rising popularity.

We also discuss these stories:

  • The US Capitol Police have been ordered to arrest visitors and Congressional staff who refuse to wear a mask on Capitol grounds.
  • The Biden Administration will not renew a federal moratorium on evicting people who have fallen behind on their rent payments due to COVID-19, but is asking Congress to extend the moratorium.
  • The Senate votes Wednesday evening to move forward with a trillion dollar infrastructure deal.
  • Over two hundred Republican lawmakers are asking the Supreme Court to overrule Roe v. Wade



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