President Joe Biden on Monday announced a proposed federal budget for fiscal year 2023 that includes a wish list of leftist policy proposals as well as an unprecedented tax on unrealized gains.

To Rep. Kevin Hern, R-Okla., Biden’s budget fails to help Americans deal with exploding inflation and doubles down on the deficit spending that got America into this mess in the first place.

“The Biden budget is horrendous. It increases spending by some $75 trillion over the next decade,” Hern says. “It increases taxes by $55 trillion. We got $55 trillion in taxes. So you do the math, and that’s $20 trillion in additional debt over the next decade on top of our $31 trillion now.”

“So by his own budget, it never balances, and we have over $50 trillion in debt in 10 years,” the Oklahoma Republican says on “The Daily Signal Podcast.”

Worse still, that increase in debt compounds horrific inflation.

“Inflation is a taxation on everyone. It knows no party. It knows no economic status of a family,” Hern says. “But what it does do, it hurts everybody, more on the lower end of the income scale than it does some on the upper end.”

Hern and his GOP colleagues offer an alternative, a plan to lower the deficit and unleash the American economy.

“Our goal is to remind the Americans what the conservative values of the Republican party are about being fiscally responsible, limited government, keeping more money in your pocket so that you can spend in your communities where we don’t have to reallocate it from the federal government,” he says.

Hern joins the show to discuss Biden’s budget and the GOP alternative.

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