When the COVID-19 pandemic closed schools to in-person learning in the spring of 2020, parents across America began to see firsthand what their kids were learning via Zoom meetings and other virtual platforms. One of those parents, Jill Simonian of California, didn’t like what she saw.

Simonian decided to speak out. She began posting on social media and raising awareness among other parents about what she calls “the radicalization in our schools.” Her outspokenness eventually led to a job at Prager U, the educational organization founded by Dennis Prager.

Last year, The Daily Signal interviewed Simonian about PragerU’s Resources for Educators and Parents. Since then, she’s helped launch PragerU Kids, which offers even more content for family and children—material many of them probably aren’t seeing in school.

“We do not want to radicalize our children. We don’t want to indoctrinate our children. We don’t want to do anything that’s political. We merely want to present families and educators with resources that unite us as Americans, that provide the rightful telling of who we are as Americans,” Simonian says.

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