Shelley Luther made national news at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic when she was arrested and jailed for a week in the spring of 2020 for reopening her North Dallas, Texas, salon contrary to the county’s stay-at-home edict.


“You get a lot of moments of silence by yourself,” Luther said of her week in jail. “So, you do a lot of praying and wondering what’s going on outside.”


She joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to share her story as well as how the the coronavirus pandemic restrictions affected her small business—and those of others across Texas.


“The biggest problem is the media scaring everybody to where you can’t go anywhere,” Luther said.


“You can’t do this without a vaccine, but then you get a vaccine, and you still have to wear a mask, and I think there’s a lot of our older clientele that are still afraid to come get their hair done because of all of the mass hysteria,” she said.


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