Children are always going to misbehave, teacher Daniel Buck says, and that’s why discipline is needed in the classroom.


“I think the idea that we’re going to solve misbehavior is kind of Utopian,” Buck says, adding that is “what the progressive idea is.”


“If we just get the system right, then kids are going to behave. And that’s never going to happen,” he says. Instead, Buck advocates for a strong disciplinary “system in place that anticipates and responds to misbehavior.”


The lack of such discipline in the classroom is leading some teachers to resign and harming students’ ability to learn, says Buck, the author of “What Is Wrong With Our Schools?: The Ideology Impoverishing Education in America and How We Can Do Better for Our Students.” The book was published in December.


Buck joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to explain how the agenda of the woke Left has led to a lack of discipline in American classrooms, and why a restoration of discipline would improve learning outcomes for students.


Enjoy the show!


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