Brenda Tillett is the founder and president of Stand Up Virginia.

She joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to talk about the new organization and how it’s working to hold rogue prosecutors accountable

“In Fairfax County, Steve Descano was funded by George Soros,” Tillett says. Descano is the elected Fairfax County, Va., commonwealth’s attorney. Soros is a leftist billionaire who funds a wide variety of left-wing candidates and causes.

And there are four other rogue commonwealth’s attorneys in Virginia who were also funded by George Soros. What they do is, they go in, and they completely dismantle law enforcement.

And what do I mean by that? Well, for instance, Steve Descano has a policy that if you’re a juvenile, meaning 17 years old, you will not have a public record. You won’t have a criminal record.

So if you want to get together with your friends who are gang members and beat up a 30-year-old man who’s leaving a convenience store, bash his teeth in, leave him bleeding to die, Steve Descano will either bring that down to a misdemeanor or not prosecute you.

Tillett joins the podcast to discuss all of that and more.


Jeff Hunt, the director of the Lakewood, Colorado-based Centennial Institute, also joins “The Daily Signal Podcast.” Hunt’s organization this week is hosting the Western Conservative Summit, which includes “live speakers as well as mini-documentaries showcasing Western leaders, Western issues, and the beauty and majesty of the Western United States.”


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