Andres Guilarte is a university student who lived in Venezuela under a democratically elected socialist regime.

Guilarte says food shortages were a daily occurrence.


Venezuelans also endure massive blackouts, political persecution, and a lack of access to health care due to the socialist government.

Guilarte joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to share his experiences of living in socialist Venezuela.


“Living in Venezuela is way worse than people might think that they see in the news, or maybe on documentaries,” he says.


“You just picture that you start convincing yourself that maybe eating three times a day is not necessary, and that the quality of the food that you have to eat probably is not that one that you expect it to be,” he added. “So, you have to get used to, like I was when I was in college, that if I had that breakfast, most likely I didn’t have lunch. If I had lunch, it’s because I skipped breakfast.”


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