What will happen if illegal immigrants continue to pour across the southern border? What should the Biden administration be doing to address soaring inflation? And what threat does China actually pose to the U.S. right now? 


Over and over, Americans are witnessing the “failures of this administration,” Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn., says.


“Obviously, Democrat control of all three—the White House, and the Senate, and the House—has devastated our country, whether it’s the border, or the economy, or foreign policy,” he says.


The Tennessee lawmaker joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” from The Heritage Foundation’s annual Resource Bank conference to discuss the biggest issues facing America today, and what the Biden administration should be doing to address those problems.


Also on today’s show, we cover these stories:

  • Ukrainian officials guarantee that any U.S. weapons sent to the country won’t be used to conduct attacks in Russian territory.
  • The man who shot President Ronald Reagan in 1981 is about to be freed from all remaining court oversight.
  • The Supreme Court issues a ruling that could affect the outcome of the cliffhanger Republican Senate primary in Pennsylvania.


Enjoy the show!


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