President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate is unconstitutional, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich says.

Brnovich filed a lawsuit against the president and other Biden administration officials on Tuesday, arguing that the vaccine mandate is an assault on state sovereignty.


“[W]e know from reading Federalist 45 and Federalist 51 that people like James Madison, who wrote the Constitution, expected the states to push back against the federal government,” Brnovich says.


The attorney general, a Republican, also says, “Nowhere in the Constitution does it provide or does it allow the president or the federal government to require any sort of vaccines.”


Last week, Biden signed an executive order mandating the vaccination of all federal employees and contract workers. The president also directed the Department of Labor to write a rule mandating all organizations with 100 employees or more to require all their employees be vaccinated or tested weekly.


Brnovich says the president’s actions not only violate American freedoms, but also the equal protection clause of the Constitution.


The Arizona attorney general joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to explain what he hopes to accomplish through the suit.


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