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  1. The Cloaked Gaijin Member

    Christine says what are the rioters supposed to do? What are they going to do? What are they going to do?

    There are no other activities for them to do?!!???? What!

    Rioting and looting as the new sport to be covered by ESPN?

    What in the world is she talking about?

    Act like an adult and a good person. That’s what you are supposed to do.

    Just remember Trump-haters it would have been a lot worse if Mitt Romney was elected, and I liked Mitt Romney more than any Republican Party presidential nominee at the time as I was too young to vote for Reagan. 

    The current Democrat nominee Joe Biden told us that Mitt Romney wanted to put black people back into chains.

    In a previous podcast, you claim that Trump wants to divide the United States, but I believe most Democrats have been much more interested in dividing the United States. In 2004, Barack Obama said that there were no red states or blue states, but that statement was about the only unifying thing he ever said, and that was before he became president. I think he starts his presidency by wanting to destroy FoxNews and Rush Limbaugh. The Left has been full of hate and craziness for a long time, especially as the moderating influence of Southern Democrats disappeared 20 or 30 years ago.

    People need to stay away from television and social media. I essentially have neither. The world seems fine to me. Yesterday, I even ventured into one of the only counties never to record a case of COVID-19. The country is not as bad as some people think it is.

    Yesterday, I also saw a few fast food places willing to pay above minimum wage for workers. In my entire life, the only other time I remember seeing fast food places advertising to pay above minimum wage was a few months ago ago when the economy was really booming. Around here fast food places do not typically need to advertise like that, especially when school is out! 

    The economy and the country is not as bad as the Left and the urban areas want everyone to think it is. The news media and social media make money from people being agitated and upset. Turn it off or limit your consumption of this hate.

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    • June 3, 2020, at 2:35 AM PDT
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  2. Stephen Richter Member

    I think the conversation should be about how to get more responsible, grounded people into politics. Government meltdowns are terribly damaging.

    Will cities like NYC and Minneapolis continue to elect far left idealogues? So many voters vote for handouts and are against private industry. A law and order fiscal conservative has no chance of winning. Especially winning a series of elections that enable them to build a political career and base of support. 

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    • June 3, 2020, at 6:44 AM PDT
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  3. Laptop Member
    LaptopJoined in the first year of Ricochet Ricochet Charter Member

    Noah was predicting more than a month ago that social upheaval could occur due to conditions created by the lockdown. Wasn’t expecting expecting an event that would galvanize and launch this so explosively around the country.

    What might be on the other side of all this? Any predictions?

    As ever, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences each day.

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    • June 3, 2020, at 10:02 AM PDT
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