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  1. filmklassik Member

    Thank you!  Just a great conversation, gang — and a necessary one, in the same way that Abe’s terrific essay this month was a necessary piece of writing.

    In general, conservatives care more about the ballot box than anything else.  The change they desire is primarily political, not cultural.   And boy are they wrong.  Not to trivialize politics, but the values we have all grown up taking for granted (i.e., the values of the Western Enlightenment) are now in the crosshairs of a cultural movement, not a political one.

    That is where the true threat lies, and that is where the battle- … Oh, hell, cliche or not, let’s call it what it is:  a war — that is where the war will be won or lost:  In the culture.

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  2. JWaltrob28 Member

    Cannot stream or download Commentary podcast for 4-5 days now.  So far only Ricochet podcast affected.

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