Today’s podcast goes into the mystifying coverage of the Coronavirus—mystifying because the public is being misled about the fact that the virus’s deadliness is (at the moment) on the wane, not on the rise. And we discuss the wild misrepresentation of Donald Trump’s speeches this weekend. Could it be that both share the same root: A desire to deliver the knockout blow against Trump now that he’s reeling and on the ropes? Plus crime goes crazy in cities and the craze to cancel “Hamilton.” Give a listen.

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  1. Jeff Hawkins Coolidge
    Jeff Hawkins

    Left unsaid: if the media succeeds, it only gets worse for the next guy.

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  2. rdowhower Inactive

    It’s funny to hear John criticize political speeches when pretty much all the policies and candidates he’s “argued” for over the years, like so many conservative pundits, have utterly failed, which is why we got Trump in the first place.  Oh, and John’s closing “commentary” shows he has learned absolutely nothing, especially from his own father, over the last four years about who actually voted for Trump and why.

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  3. The Cloaked Gaijin Member
    The Cloaked Gaijin

    America First sentiment goes back to George Washington not Charles Lindbergh.

    Maybe that feeling faded a bit after the Federalist Party collapsed.  The early history of the United States does not appear to be isolationist at the time as it was driven by Manifest Destiny, but the United States largely turned away from Europe for about 100 years.

    America presidents weren’t going to be like Richard the Lionheart from the 1100s and fight wars far away.  In the 19th Century, the United States did not join the Napoleonic Wars, the Crimean War, the various Anglo-French colonial wars, or even most conflicts in Latin America.

    Yeah, the United States was a smaller and more fragile country in 1796 with 16 states, but that does not mean that the country was anti-Christian and anti-Jewish at the time.

    The David French philosophy that the United States is supposed to support and defend the borders of all the good and free nations of world — except our own — is not a winning philosophy.

    You guys seem to want to tear down a bit of George Washington too.

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