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  1. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    Ridiculous!! It didnt matter who won the 2016 election, as long it wasn’t the sainted Hillary, the left was going to go nuts. Do you think they would have acted any different to president Cruz or Rubio? It doesnt matter one iota. The press was just as negative on candidate Mitt Romney as it was on Trump. Yet they continue to grant the unfair press access?

    You can trace the Democrat derangement all the way back to the impeachment of President Clinton, then Bush/Gore and Obama… Drove the democrats insane into this woke ideology…

    Lets say you get rid of Matt Gaetz in the primary. What happens next? He’s not dead, his career is not over. He still has a voice – and he’ll be vocal. He’s already an enemy, but if you strike at your enemy, you better end him… If he limps away from it, you’ll create a leader to continue the rebellion against the republican establishment…


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  2. LukeWVa Listener

    I don’t understand their apparent revulsion for the Freedom Caucus’s tactics.   As Erick Erickson explains in his podcast, the Speaker and his or her cronies cobble up a huge continuing resolution to fund the government, which resolution is full of favors and “special interest” provisions obtained by and for lobbyists and their clients, which resolution spends appalling amounts of money, then they dump it on the House at the last minute without time for anyone to read it and demand that members either vote for it or have the government shut down.  It’s management by crisis and McCarthy was a person who used this tactic.  It’s not “conservative,” and destroys what one would think of as being conservative government.  

    The McCarthy opponents want to limit the power of the Speaker to force members to spend and spend, and to limit his power to support the primary election of “moderates” who will also spend and spend.

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