On this week’s second podcast, the COMMENTARY boys discuss the latest revelations in the Hillary Clinton email scandal, including the eerie assurance of White House officials that they could quash questions on Sunday-morning chat shows about the matter. Two notable brothers get mentioned. Also, can there be reconciliation in the GOP after a Trump defeat, as Noah Rothman suggests in his much-discussed blog post at COMMENTARY,  Reconciliation and Renewal After Trump? Listen, your guess is as good as ours, but you’ll only be able to guess if you listen!

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  1. Penfold Member

    You guys make Marvin the Paranoid Robot sound like a party animal.

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  2. EHerring Coolidge

    Well, that was a depressing way to spend time while cooking bacon.  It appears the rise of Trump is still not understood but you guys tended to blame it on the deplorables without using that term.  If that is the take-away, the “establishment” will probably have the same opinion and rise out of this feeling more empowered.  I don’t see uniting of the factions or a possible Republican victory in the future.  You guys need to get out of the blue states, ignore tweets, many planted by mischievous folks, and actually talk to those who believe the downward spiral has begun.

    Turning concern over illegal immigration into white nationalism misses the point.  We know why the Democrats want massive influxes without assimilation, no voter IDs, and the rewriting of our history as they scrub the works of great thinkers, also known as dead white males.

    Missing was the concern over the rise of secularism, a peculiar sort who don’t want to elect a religious man over fear they will lose their sexual promiscuity even as they pretend to be offended by bawdy talk.

    Lost in all this is seeing the lifestyle of a free people riding off into the sunset.  As a Cruzer, I have lost all the way around, beaten down by the Trumpies, the secular progressive,s and the entrenched elitist in DC.  There is nothing left for me in the Republican Party, or any party.

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  3. Peter Murphy Member
    Peter Murphy

    Interesting and enjoyable discussion. I’m sceptical though of ‘reconciliation’ when the ‘truth’ is that there is nothing in common between the national-populist-statists on the one hand and both limited government republicans and strong global power republicans on the other hand. The latter two can and do coexist but neither has a shred of connection with the populists (or vice versa). Oil and water. Meaning that there will be a major reckoning after Trump  loses.

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  4. civiltwilight Inactive

    Did I misunderstand or did one you guys say that some Republicans were not pleased when Trump said Hillary should be in jail?  Why can we not say in public that Hillary should be in jail?  She should be in jail.  If a Republican secretary of state had done what she did with classified documents, he/she would be in jail and republicans help to would put he/she there.   Republicans who are scared to say something like in public are a huuuuge part of the reason we ended up with Trump.


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  5. EHerring Coolidge

    THere are some who believe we don’t lock up Presidents over politics.  We impeach them.  Otherwise, we risk disposing of foes the banana republic way.  Of course, that expects  a COngress that will impeach and a party/voter base that will not nominate crooks after they know they are crooks.

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