Today’s podcast takes up the horrific story of the firing of tenured Princeton professor Joshua Katz—defenestrated for holding views considered unacceptable by the university leadership, which then went on a hunt for pretext to fire him. The question: What good are universities any longer? Give a listen.

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  1. filmklassik Member

    Ah, the noxious fumes of left-wing culture — fumes that all of us (not just students and academics) are currently choking on.

    I was thrilled to hear you focusing on the culture today because — let’s face it — the culture is where the fight is.  But from the despairing tone in some of your voices, it was clear you would rather be talking about the ballot box.  Some of you, anyway.

    And I suppose that makes sense.   After all, conservatives can post election victories in the near term and tell themselves we aren’t in the midst of an existential crisis.

    In a way I envy those who are more worried about Nevada’s third congressional district turning blue than they are about Kendi-style “anti-racism” infecting our schools and HR departments. Must make for an easier life.  Mike Murphy, for example, probably sleeps better than Heather Macdonald does.

    But the Mike Murphys of the world are kidding themselves.  The West is facing an existential crisis, and the events at Princeton this week are example #2,835 of that.  And counting.

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