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  1. Daniel Sterman Listener

    I found it hard to believe Noah’s claim that he actually liked Trump’s refusal to staff the State Department. He wrote an entire article on how awful the administration’s understaffing could end up being!

    Also, I’m very disappointed that they ended the podcast on an upbeat and hopeful note. Whatever happened to the crushing morosity that we know and love?

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    • February 25, 2019, at 11:53 AM PST
  2. FredGoodhue Coolidge

    The problem is the under-staffing of political appointees. Most government workers are Democrats, and without Republican leadership, will not vigorously advance Republican goals.

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    • February 26, 2019, at 5:18 AM PST
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  3. rdowhower Coolidge

    Noah is too young to have written a non-fiction book about anything, not to mention to make authoritative comments about world-historical events. Forgive me if I choose to read someone with more gravitas and real-world experience, such as Plato. Youth is over-rated.

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    • February 26, 2019, at 11:01 AM PST
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