Today’s podcast takes up the outrageous “60 Minutes” effort to defame Gov. Ron DeSantis and the vaccine rollout in Florida before we go on extended rants about the way the success with the COVID vaccine is being twisted into a new crisis in general by a media determined to continue to force us into lockdown life. Give a listen.

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  1. Joseph Stocks Member
    Joseph Stocks

    It was truly hilarious for JPod to give a brief aside to former intellectual and his good friend Jonah Goldberg who came to JPod with the a possible scandalous fundraising story from the Trump camp only to have JPod swat Jonah down so easily that this happens on both sides of the aisle (not to mention almost every purchase via a smart phone almost has 100% recurring payments until you change it). 

    Jonah wants to keep that Trump hate strong while we have people who, most likely, despise each other, JPod and Mollie Hemingway, both coming to the defense of DeSantis  over the hit job by 60 Minutes. 

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  2. kylez Member

    Why does MLB have to have ties to the president?

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