The podcast goes at Andrew Cuomo hammer and tong as the whistle is blown by a fellow Democrat in New York state on his handling of the coronavirus. But that’s not all! What about Trump and Kevin McCarthy? What about Nancy Pelosi’s enemies list? What about hedge fund guys yelling on TV about people who have no right to invest the way they invest? Give a listen.

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  1. OwnedByDogs Coolidge

    And Fauci said. 


    Coronavirus cases: Dr Fauci says New York ‘did it correctly’ in fight against COVID – 6abc Philadelphia

    Which proved beyond any doubt that Fauci is a miserable hack.

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  2. UnLeft Member

    Mr. Rothman makes fair points, but the behavior of much of high capital leading up to 2008 did not create wealth, at least not for long.  And that behavior, at base, involves the same smoke-and-mirrors sophistication that the Redditors applied.  That is, the almost total separation of financial instruments from the underlying value of the assets.  Then it went south, and wealth was destroyed for years on end.  Garish displays of outrage from hedge-fund plutocrats are not helpful.

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