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  1. Joe D. Lincoln

    should have put some info on the beach friends in the show notes

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    • October 8, 2018, at 1:37 PM PDT
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  2. Gary Robbins Reagan

    Great podcast, but for a glaring factual error. Elana Kagan was not Obama’s first Nominee. Obama’s first Nominee was Sonya Sotomayor. Kagan was Obama’s second Nominee.

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    • October 9, 2018, at 9:17 AM PDT
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  3. rdowhower Coolidge

    John is exactly right about the “double-counting” effect in the suburbs…no one in my suburban pro-life circle of female friends would vote for a Democrat over a Republican because of Trump, nor would they stay home in protest.

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    • October 9, 2018, at 12:54 PM PDT
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