The podcast today examines the stunning rejection of incumbent Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot in a Democratic primary that ended with her getting 15 percent of the vote after a landslide four years earlier. Why did it happen? And what does it say about municipal governance and crime? Also, student loans and the feeling that you’re a sucker if you work hard and play by the rules. Give a listen.

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  1. Noell Colin the gadfly Coolidge
    Noell Colin the gadfly

    I don’t think the “more cops” argument is a good one. While more in certain situations does help, like on subways where there is a spike in crime; but more cops in general is not good.
    They have a hobbit of creating their own little gangs and help perpetuate distrust in law and order.

    A better solution is really at the DA level. Throw as many cops as you want at something but if there is no prosecution and or program to help or set people on the right path, it’s all worthless.

    My drive into work is about 50min on the freeway; the visceral disgust I have at the 10 to 15 marked and unmarked highway patrol cars lining the sides of the freeways with pulled over people is not what we need. 

    Petty theft and marijuana sales could be cleaned up in a month if DA’s would let the cops we already have do something.
    The more cops we have the more bored they get and bored people with inflated senses of self worth and power is not going to win anyone’s vote. Not to mention, those cops even if not doing anything bad, are going to be public union workers.

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