Today’s podcast features COMMENTARY columnist Matthew Continetti, who joins us to talk in part about his piece, “The Winds of Woke.” Do the Democrats have a civil war ahead of them if they win the presidency in November? And what have we learned about leadership from the past few months? Give a listen.


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  1. Quintus Sertorius Coolidge

    Very good podcast as always….I always very much enjoy this podcast!!!

    I do have one disagreement….I think Mr. Continetti and this podcast is underestimating this “ new left” and that Joe Biden will be President….Joe Biden will be nothing but a figure head and if the Democrats win this will be different….it will be a revolution….make no mistake….I know Jonah, David, Mr. Continetti think it will all go back….this will be different…..

    I’m in a bind as I don’t trust/believe President Trump has the chops or care to fight this battle…..what a predicament we are in…..

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    • July 10, 2020, at 5:12 PM PDT
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  2. Yankee Coolidge

    If the Democrats sweep, they will be able in the first 6 months to make fundamental SIGNIFICANT STRUCTURAL CHANGES in many areas, particularly if they get rid of the filibuster. Even if they don’t they will be able to use reconciliation (with a Parliamentarian who will consistently rule in their favor on the Byrd Rule violations which means that almost anything is possible in the entitlements and tax policy for starters). They have enormous capabilities of hundreds of the most skilled ex Congressional and white house staff who are housed at the various think tanks, law firms, and non profits. These individuals are not pundits (like you commentators are brilliant, but you have no understanding on how legislation is written and moved through the Senate and the complicated interactions with Congressional Budget Office on scoring rules.) As ObamaCare has shown once an entitlement is enacted it is literally impossible to repeal it or even control the spending which for entitlements is automatic and not subject to appropriations (if you qualify, you get the entitlement). If there is a Democrat blow out, there will be a legislative tsunami in health care entitlements and tax increases, and if they get rid of the filibuster they will rewrites of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, Immigration, and elements of the Green Deal (EPA will be given extraordinary powers.) Biden is like Max Headroom — we are not sure he is really there, but it doesn’t matter. Also pay go rules under the budget act have no meaning anymore. We are going to spend 3 to 4 trillion this year without paying for any of it. Yes, they do want the fight about the filibuster. This is not going to be more of the same old song. Democrats will move very very fast and believe me they have the technical lawyers, think tank experts that have staffed CBO for years, and the MSM led by the Post and the Times will be total cheer leaders. One final thing — John you talk way too much. Let Christine run the show with Abe.

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    • July 10, 2020, at 9:57 PM PDT