On the second of this week’s COMMENTARY podcasts, Abe Greenwald, Noah Rothman, and John Podhoretz contemplate the post-election-day future. What condition will the Republican Party and its officials find themselves in? Will their fear of the Trump base dissipate in the case of an anti-Trump landslide, or will they continue as they have all year? And what options will Hillary Clinton have if she is president without a firm mandate and a large enough majority in the Senate to get whatever legislation she seeks through to her desk? Oy, the scenarios, they could drive you crazy. Give a listen.

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  1. Basil G Inactive
    Basil G

    What condition will the Republican Party and its officials find themselves in?  What condition?

    Whig.  Or Bull Moose.  Which is why we should get busy now on forming a new party.  How ’bout the Never-Republican Party?  Pretty popular right now, right?  Or maybe the Deplorable Conservatives Party will form, in contradistinction to the Virtuous Conservatives Party that you guys can form (Toga’s optional).  Hey, maybe we can coalesce and get to 15% in the polls, qualify to be in the Debates before being “Lanslided” in the election by the Democrat Party machine.  On the good side, Paul Ryan can pass 2 more CR’s before loosing the majority and avoid ever “shutting down the government” once.  Helleva job, Brownie!  Clean out those barns! Thousand points of light…



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  2. Dick from Brooklyn Thatcher
    Dick from Brooklyn

    Semi weekly Commentary podcasts!

    I love these, but oy-vey my shrink had better double my dose of Lexapro.

    Twice a week visits to the sloughs of despond can get to a fellow.

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  3. LaChatelaine Member

    I’m adding my  two cents for the first time: I’ve been a lurker for years, I confess.  A fully paid up member lurker, which should help.

    Anyway, J-Pod on a couple of podcasts has voiced his frustration with Trump’s focus on Bill Clinton’s past.  In particular, he seems annoyed that a great many people are still incensed about Bill Clinton’s sex scandals.  The thing I never see or hear is anybody pushing back that the Monica Lewinsky scandal was precipitated by Clinton’s lying under oath.  It was only ever about sex insofar as the thing Clinton was lying about was sex.  Does anyone really believe that if GWB or Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan had lied under oath, it would have been about sex?  Not likely.

    So, as a former member of the military, and a patriotic American, I still find it infuriating that a president was given a pass on violating an oath.  The MSM & the Dems have successfully evangelized this issue to the point that everyone seems to remember that Bill Clinton’s scandals were only ever about sex, & therefore unimportant.

    Just to be clear, I am not a Trump supporter. I’m praying for my poor country.

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  4. Mrs. Ink Member
    Mrs. Ink

    The reason I feel like that Republicans “never win any thing” is because no matter how many times the Obama regime gets slapped down, nothing happens. No one gets fired, or even reprimanded. There is one law for the Democrat elite, and another for every one else, and I am sick to death of it. An ordinary federal employee who handled e-mails like Mrs. Clinton did would be tried, convicted,  fined, and probably sent to prison. The rule of law is being systematically, purposefully, destroyed because chaos is the traditional Progressive path to power, and people like the never Trumpers don’t seem to see it as a problem. It is endlessly frustrating.

    Erosion of the rule of law added to the federal government’s regulatory assault on the country class is driving resentment to unprecedented levels.  I see no hope of reversing the excesses of the last three presidents under a Hillary Clinton administration, and I fear that she will precipitate a violent conflict.

    Mrs. Clinton sold access to the state department for money and favors. In what universe is that not treason? How is any grope as bad as selling out your country, and causing the death of thousands of Libyans, and at least four Americans? Hillary Clinton’s colossal ego dwarfs Donald Trump’s, and even Barack Obama’s, how else would she dare to behave as if there were no possible consequences to her actions?

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