Building a winning team – in business, education, sports, or the military – is hard, essential work; sustaining excellence over time is, perhaps, even harder. Kari Pickens, head coach of Ashland University’s Women’s Basketball Team, knows a lot about both, and shares her experiences and insights with Jeff in this episode.

Kari’s reflections are also firmly connected to the American tradition of servant leadership – of a leader who puts their people and mission ahead of themselves, working to get the best out of people while helping them develop as individuals.

For basketball fans there’s a lot to love in this episode. Those interested in organizational culture and personnel development will find equally as much.

Learn more about Coach Pickens and the program here:

Host: Jeff Sikkenga

Executive Producer: Greg McBrayer

Producer: Jeremy Gypton


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  1. Macho Grande' Coolidge
    Macho Grande'

    Servant leadership is a key tenet of the Agile framework used in project management.  It is a hard concept for some folks to understand and adopt, but when it works well, that’s when team performance just skyrockets.

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