The University of California’s recent announcement to drop standardized tests from its undergraduate admissions process has raised questions about the racial bias associated with standardized tests. Do the ACT and SAT put minority students at an unfair disadvantage when applying to elite institutions? Will excluding these tests from the college admissions process increase or decrease the success of minority students in the University of California system?

In this episode, Naomi and Ian are joined by Jason Riley, a Wall Street Journal columnist and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, to discuss these questions and more. Later, they discuss the recent protests that erupted after the tragic death of George Floyd. Jason Riley argues that effective policing is essential to supporting the health and safety of minority communities.

Show Notes:
00:45 | Is the SAT useful in determining college success for minority students?
08:35 | Parenting in the age of protests
12:30 | Are Black Americans at higher risk of police-violence due to systemic racism?
16:25 | Does removing the presence of police from black communities help or hurt them?

The Power of Personal Agency | Wall Street Journal | June 21
Scrapping the SAT Won’t Help Black and Latino Students | Wall Street Journal | May 26
Good Policing Saves Black Lives | Wall Street Journal | June 1

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