“Globalism” has become an epithet to leaders across the world like Donald Trump and Viktor Orbán. But not to Dalibor Rohac, author of the new book, “In Defense of Globalism,” which advocates an alternative, cosmopolitan conservative tradition, in contrast to the more nationalist turn sweeping the West in recent years. He makes the case for global institutions such as the EU and answers globalism’s critics in the first half of this show.

Then, why is Britain gearing up for another election? Will the Brexit saga ever end? And can the Tories expect to capture the sweeping majority that eluded Theresa May in 2017? Dalibor addresses these questions and more.

Dalibor Rohac is a research fellow at AEI, where he studies European political and economic trends. He’s also the author of the book “Towards an Imperfect Union: A Conservative Case for the EU.” You can follow him on Twitter @DaliborRohac.

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