Lockdowns don’t work, argues Lyman Stone in a recent piece. Instead, to really crush the curve of coronavirus infections (rather than just flattening it), we need to follow the model of successful Asian nations and implement a robust system of contact tracing. Lyman called in from Hong Kong to discuss what this would look like, as well as China’s recent efforts to crack down on the city.

Lyman Stone is an Adjunct Fellow at AEI, a Research Fellow at the Institute for Family Studies, and a former International Economist at the US Department of Agriculture. He blogs about migration, population dynamics, and regional economics at In a State of Migration. His work has been covered in the The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and numerous local outlets.

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  1. colleenb Member

    Good interview. I do think contact tracing and the attendant isolation are important. Unfortunately I think it will be hard to get Westerners, especially Americans, to go along with it. The state used to really quarantine people and that is probably what needs to be done again. I think that having hotels, etc, used might sweeten this situation, along with paying people to be quarantined. In the long run it will be cheaper. Also, we need to get started on this sooner rather than later.

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