When it comes to personal political beliefs, can anyone really be persuaded? In the age of the internet, are we living in a world of debate without gatekeepers? And how is William F. Buckley similar to the Pope?

In his final appearance on “Banter” as AEI’s president, Arthur Brooks answers these questions and more. We also discuss his latest book “Love Your Enemies,” how the political landscape has shifted since he took office in 2009, the role of think tanks in shaping the public debate, and what’s next on the horizon for him.

Arthur C. Brooks is president of the American Enterprise Institute. He has served as president since January 1, 2009, and is stepping down on July 1 of this year. He is also the Beth and Ravenel Curry Scholar in Free Enterprise. Before joining AEI he taught economics and social entrepreneurship at Syracuse University, and prior to academia he spent 12 years as a classical musician in the United States and Spain. He is also a columnist for the Washington Post, host of the podcast “The Arthur Brooks Show,” and the bestselling author of 11 books.

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